Izzy Dupree

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Lightning Bolt!

Patternling — design generator

Lasercake — alpha-quality sim game

“Intersentient Dating Algorithm”

StarPlay — interactive simulation

Four-color-theorem subgraph pics

Freewheeling student minigame

Pollutocracy — silly simulation

Interactive Lisp-like interpreter

Random LWN page

My PGP/GPG key


Thesis on technical collaboration

Encountering domestic abuse

Monitor shopping

Levonorgestrel [science+people]

I Don't Know Why I'm Writing An Article About A One Minute Train Delay

What if the car was invented today? [counterfactual]

To interpret each other [people]


Measurement-unit conversions [science]

Sexuality information

According to my sound meter [tinkering]

Tech notes

Switching to Google Project Fi [computer]

systemd job for SSH reverse tunnel [computer]

Resources for learning Haskell [computer]

Deploying HTTPS [computer]

README for my site's build process [computer]

Time measurement [computer]

QEMU networking notes [computer]

Some Linux virtual machines [computer]

Code filesystem trees & dependency digraphs [computer]

Arch Linux + ConTeXt [computer]

Why unauthenticated software download is dangerous and unethical [computer+security]

Enigmail & format=flowed [computer+security]

Data-sharing wisdom [computer+people]

Amazon S3 bandwidth protection [computer]

Haskell Haddock improvements mini-blog [computer]