My 3D Blades of Avernum Editor for Mac

(a 2004-2005 project which I have since lost track of, but others have carried on)

I have modified Spiderweb Software's Blades of Avernum Editor (under the terms of its license).

I have added a powerful feature to the standard scenario editor: Editing in 3D, the way Blades of Avernum displays it. There are also a number of other improvements; see the readme file in the download.

This code is from 2005 and I have no idea if it still works; from the look of this Spiderweb Software forum, other people have since made their own more updated versions that you should probably use instead. Use at your own risk.

Rolling hills interspersed with the editor's grid.

A Small Rebellion: we wander around editing the hilly expanses. Grid and special event locations are visible.

Goblins menace a dimly lit cave.

Valley of Dying Things: we edit a goblin-infested cave, in a viewing mode that incorporates the game's lighting and line-of-sight.